My new laptop and some minor annoyances

So I finally got a new laptop (yay)! My old computer was getting pretty slow and junky so it’s a great feeling to have a nice new laptop to do all my stuff on. It came with some pretty cool programs on it too so I can do some video editing, music, and a bunch of picture programs.

My favorite part about it is the big screen. Not only is it bigger, but it’s a touchscreen too! It actually looks like this one:


I don’t really use the touchscreen much, but it’s still awesome to me!

Now, the part that’s annoying is that I was getting some errors when I started using it. Nothing crazy, but it was just a minor error on my system. I believe it was the msmpeng.exe error. I did some searching online and a lot of the sites said it was common and just an issue with Windows Defender. I figured that’s got to be why it’s happening to me since my laptop came with Microsoft Windows on it.

Either way, I restarted, did a couple other things, and it seems to be working fine now.

I was really nervous for a bit when I thought I already got a virus or some other garbage on my brand new laptop! Boy was I glad to find out that it was just a memory hog program and now it’s running great again. I’m watching videos, movies, editing pictures, and of course surfing on my favorite social networks.

If you ever need to figure out how to remove the msmpeng.exe error, it’s not hard so don’t worry. The other process I noticed a lot when I was fixing this was the Csrss.exe one.  Thankfully, I didn’t get any errors with it. It was still causing some slowdown and using a lot of my CPU though when I was doing different things on my computer.

If you notice these things going on, I’d suggest reading about the csrss process and fix anything you can before it becomes a huge issue.

One thing to suggest to is to maybe run a full defragmentation if you have an older computer. Here is a quick video that may help you:

At the end of the day, I’m super happy with my new computer and I’m actually not getting any errors anymore because everything has been fixed and is running smoothly. If you have any questions for me or what to talk about my computer, look me up on Facebook or email me here on my contact page!